Tuesday, 17 April 2018

First Time Mum (FTM) Thoughts

- Forums on facebook are so helpful, I'm going to join as many as I can so I am super informed when it comes to pregnancy, birth and being a mum. The information on these forums will be invaluable.

- Was that my baby kicking? I think I could feel my baby kicking! Or was it just my bowel...

- FTM, what the hell is FTM? Oh, first time mum, that makes sense. So what the hell is DS, DD and DH? What's with all the abbreviations. I am going to get off the forums. I understand nothing.

- I am definitely not going to poo in labor. I know all my friends and family have told me their poo stories, but that is totally not applicable to me. I will be the exception to that rule. (Update, I had an emergency c section, so no poop here)

- What if my water breaks in public? Or in a really awkward spot. Like at work. What if I am at work and my water breaks. Should I finish work earlier?

- I need to buy all the things- nappy bin, baby wrap,  book shelf, books so I can read to bubba, toys, organic sheets, bonds zippies, baby bath, boon lawn, haaka, Sophie teether, love to dream swaddles, riff raff, moses basket bassinet. I will need everything Asap!

- Surely I won't go to my due date. I hear of so many people going early. I think I will go at about 39 weeks. I just have a feeling I won't go over. (FYI I did go over and I had to be induced)

- Do I have to write a birth plan? I mean I really can't be bothered. Are these things necessary? I just want it out. and safely.

- I need more things. I know I have heaps and we don't know what we will actually use or like. But I need it now. Just in case.

- You have to have a catheter when you have a c section? I mean I'm trying to be open about the possibility of a c section but catheters are gross.

- I can't wait for maternity leave, the walks, coffee dates, blogging. I will have so much extra time when I am off work looking after bubba

- Today is my due date. Today is the day. I am going to be one of those rare people that get to have their baby on their due date.

- Why hasn't my baby come yet?! Who have I pissed off? I don't want to be pregnant anymore.I want to be a mama already!!!

- Is that a contraction? Oh no I just need to poop.

- Ok that might have been a contraction. Should I call the hospital?

- That's surely a contraction. Oh nope. Just poop again

- Induction today, this is going to be a quick labor, painful but I got this. (I didn't go into labor, my induction was stopped 2 hours in, I don't know what a contraction feels like)

- Breastfeeding is going to be easy. It's natural and so many women do it.

- Why do my nipples hurt so much! How is this natural?!

- Is that coloured poop normal? Why does he wee so much? Is he getting enough breast milk?

- How much should my babies skin peel?

- The umbilicus is so gross. When does it drop off? I am so scared I am going to rip it off.

- Yep my milk has definitely come in. And its everywhere... so that's what breastpads are for!

- How much should they sleep? Is there too much sleep? Can they not get enough? Can they get too much?

- How many nappies do babies go through? I feel like I have changed my baby 20 times today. Is that normal?

- Is that a rash? Whats that spot? Is that normal?

- My baby is the most amazing baby ever. He is going to be a superstar.

Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette | Review and Demo

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Juvia's Place - Review, swatches and thoughts

So if you are a makeup fanatic like myself you will no doubt have heard of the magic of Juvia's Place and their eyeshadow palettes. Particularly if you are a fan or have ever watched Nikkie Tutorials or Nicole Renee on YouTube. Although I will admit, I am not a die hard Nikkie fan I did love all of her videos and tutorials on her channel featuring the Juvia's Place palettes. The looks she does with these palettes are amazing. It goes without  saying how talented she is. Nicole Renee does a fantastic review of the Juvia's Place Palettes on her channel. She is so honest and her opinion is one I can definitely trust. Click the link below if you want to see her review.


After months of putting things in my cart when a discount code is available, and not purchasing, I decided I would finally purchase a palette. Except that shipping is a little pricey for just one palette - $16.95 USD (roughly $23 AUD) for 21 day shipping to Australia. Certainly not as bad as some companies (Morphe is known to have very expensive shipping). I figured if I was going to buy a palette and pay for shipping, I may as well buy 3. Logical, right? Also shipping takes foreverrrrrrrr! Like a month. I am way too impatient for that...

I ended up ordering 3 palettes - the full size/large Masquerade palette, the Zulu palette and the Saharan palette. The Masquerade palette cost $28USD, the Zulu palette was $17.50 (on sale from $21) and the Saharan was $25. I then had a discount code for 25% off meaning for the 3 palettes I paid $52USD or around $68 AUD. Add $16.95 USD for shipping. Keep in mind if you are wanting to purchase from Juvia's there are regular discounts and sales, currently you can use the code Easter for 25% off. I  wasn't disappointed. These palettes are so beautiful, the shades soft, creamy and pigmented. They swatch perfectly and blend like a dream. And all that for the price? Oh yes.

The Masquerade palette is a very hyped up palette. And I can definitely see why.
It is so pretty. The shades are super creamy and pigmented. I love the bright vibrant colours of the palette but I love that they included the neutral shades as well. It really is a versatile, complete palette.

This is the palette that I first wanted to purchase from Juvia's Place. Each pan has 3.6grams of product, which is big considering most palettes only have pan sizes of 1-2 grams. There are 16 shades in the palette making the palette super affordable at $1.75 per pan not taking into account the discount I got from the discount code.

The next palette I ordered was the Saharan palette. This palette is a little less overwhelming. Or a lot less. It is much more neutral than the Masquerade palette, although it does still have beautiful warm shades and a couple of shades I don't have in any other palette, which as the beautiful green/ yellow shade. Honestly, I don't know why I purchased this palette. I think I must have thought that it would be a palette that I could use on a day to day basis. Also I am a sucker for orange shadows. I have blue eyes so orange shades do compliment my eye colour quite nicely.

This palette is a lot smaller than the masquerade palette. Juvia's Place do not have how many grams are in this palette, but there are 12 shades in this palette at $2.10 per shadow.

The final palette I picked up is a palette that I feel like you would need another palette to complete a look. The Zulu palette is super colourful and stunning! I love the vibrant bright colours of this palette, they are unlike any shades I have in any other palette and that's why I purchased this palette. I just wish they had included a transition shade and a shade for highlighting. Without these shades I do feel like I need to use another palette to complete a look and that annoys me. However this is something I knew when I purchased this palette.

 This palette is gorgeous though. Again I am not sure on the size of the pans in this palette, but the pan size itself is comparable to the masquerade palette, and is larger than the Saharan palette. There are 9 pans in this palette at $1.94 per pan.

I hope this review helped you when deciding on whether to purchase from Juvia's Place. I would definitely purchase again. I have my eye on the Magic and the Saharan 2 Palettes!


Saturday, 24 March 2018

About Me and Why I Started My Blog

Hello People of the Internet and Blogging World.

My name is Sophie and I am a new mama and makeup enthusiast. I want to put a disclaimer here now, I am not a makeup artist, I just love the stuff.

I am 29, married and although I have been on You Tube and Instagram for a little while now, I have always wanted to blog. I love the idea of sitting down and writing my thoughts and sharing my love for makeup/beauty and of course my journey of motherhood.

As I am writing this, my new bubba, Finn Patrick is almost 1 month old. I cannot believe that my little man has been apart of our lives for so long already. As they say, time flies when you are having fun. Or is it the sleep deprivation making the time fly? What day is it anyway?

My husband has been our absolute rock and main supporter. He is back at work next week and Finn and I will miss him heaps. It's been really awesome having him home and really being able to enjoy the first month of our son's life together. Also I am going have to get my own food, coffee and water once he is back at work. Damn.

I also have two very adorable fur babies, Evee and Pippa. They are American Staffies and are 6 years old. 

As for makeup, my skin has thanked me for not wearing makeup in the last few weeks. I can count on my fingers the occassions that any makeup has made it onto my face. And that is ok! This is stating the obvious, life with Finn has been an adjustment. However, I have been able to up my skincare game. Stay tuned for a post on some skin care favourites. Below is my instagram feed, a preview of what is to come in my blog. My user name is @the_makeupmama if you want to follow me!

What type of looks am I into? All looks! I love the creativity of makeup and the way you can change your appearance with makeup. Below are just a couple of looks I have done over the past year. I am not pretending to be amazing at makeup or to be a beauty guru, but I love doing it and practice makes perfect.

I am not saying we shouldn't embrace our natural selves at all and I want to be very clear about this - I don't judge others and I don't want others to judge me. Makeup and beauty is something that is up to the individual. Personally, I don't get fillers or botox, I rarely get my eyebrows done, and 80% of the time my nails are my own. However, I do not judge or care if someone else does wish to do these things. You do what makes you happy.

That's all I have for this post. Thanks for stopping by, and kudos to you for reading this long post! Please check out my instagram and youtube if you have time. They are both linked down below.